Sunday, May 25, 2008

::The 2nd Malaysian International Junior Art Exhibition 2008 ::

date: Thu 21 May to Mon 26 May
venue: Annexe Studio Central Market

Presented by Artland Junior Art Academy KL, Hong Kong Visual Arts Society of Youth & Children, Art Generation Studio KL, and Akademi Inspire PJ

Hot on the heels of our continuing naïve art showcase at the Annexe comes an exhibition of a different level of naivety. The 2nd Malaysian International Junior Art Exhibition 2008 will showcase more than 1,000 rainbow-spattered works of exuberant youthful artistry by children of different age groups from 45 art schools from Malaysia and overseas, executed in a variety of media.


MOLY said...

pegi annex tak tadi ?? kalo gi mesti ada jumpa kekawan lily geng2 dak rangers ..

dorang mmg rajin kat sana ..
slalu apa2 event sana buat konpem muka dorang ade


FareeZan said...

kjp jeh g smlm,,,tp ader poto exhibition gak level brp xigt npk poster jeh,..nk g xsempat la,..xtawla lak kot dak2 ranger 2 yg buat.